B5 Remote Working – 15 % OFF

Looking for inspiration and a place in the sun? The B5 Boutique Hotel Lugano is the place to be creative! Modern technology, an inspiring environment, the best coffee in town: good ideas won’t go to waste here.


Why the B5 Boutique Hotel is a special place for remote work:

  • High-speed Internet in all rooms
  • Many sockets and power strips, also available to borrow
  • Technical accessories to borrow (charging cable, CreativeKit)
  • Work tables to network with other remote workers, exchange ideas and make new contacts. #togethertime
  • The best coffee in Lugano (if that's not reason enough ...)

How you benefit from the B5 remote working offer:

  • 15 % OFF on the accommodation price for a stay of 14 nights
  • Stylish and modern rooms
  • FREE Flow: coffee, tea and water all day
  • Sustainable offers in all areas

The B5 Remote Working offer is valid for a minimum stay of 14 nights.

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